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Hardwired is a live weekly wrap up of all things related to the internet, pop culture, and the tech world from Hardwick’s perspective.

Filmed and broadcast live in front of a studio audience, Hardwired is a half-hour show that spotlights the world according to Chris Hardwick, live, current and relevant.

Each episode, follows and comments on real-time trends from internet memes to twitter wars; from pop culture to pop scandal, from tech news to Comic-Con culture; – all from Chris Hardwick’s unique take on it all as the anchor.

In addition to Chris’ take on the world, he is joined by special guests from the world of comedy, comic books, music, movies and television as he moderates the discussion on the day’s events.

You are invited to a taping of Hardwired on Thursday, November 15, 2012 in Hollywood, CA. Click on the Tickets page and let us know how many of you and your friends want to come.


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